• History

    Lincoln Quilters Guild was organized March 13, 1973, at the home of Mary Ghormley, in Lincoln, NE.  The purpose was to promote quilting and to learn more about it through study and sharing.  About 25 persons attended the first meeting.

    Four officers were elected:
    President - Louise Howey
    Vice President - Mary Ghormley
    Secretary - Betty Voss
    Treasurer - Hazel Meyers

  • Our Mission

    The purpose of LQG is:

    • to impart knowledge of the art and craftsmanship associated with quilting and patchwork;
    • to further interest and encourage men and women in the performance of these arts;to exhibit fine examples of quilts and patchwork in appropriate public exhibitions held from time to time;
    • to educate, learn, preserve and pass along whatever information exists about quilts and patchwork of past and present;
    • to afford an opportunity to the general public to appreciate quilting and allied arts; and 
    • to exchange knowledge and information in these arts among members of the Guild.

  • Awards

    Do you know a member deserving of special recognition?

    LQG Life Member – This is the highest honor given to an LQG member. It is awarded for a lifetime of achievement and significant contributions to the Guild. (This is an award that is infrequently given.)

    LQG Bright Star Award – This is given to members for consistent achievement and continuing involvement for the betterment of the Guild over a period of time. (For achievement beyond the Shining Star level, but less that the level for a Life Member Award.)

    LQG Shining Star Award – This is given to members for a significant contribution to the Guild. (It may be for a single project or for an ongoing project.)

    Click here for the 2016 nomination form.

    We lost two of our Life Members in 2015.  
    Mary Ghormley and Ginny Welty will be greatly missed.

    Previous Award Winners

    Life Members
    Sandy Anderson
    Frankie Best
    Jean Davie 1991
    Carroll Dischner 2007
    Mona Jeanne Easter 2003
    Mary Ghormley
    Sheila Green 2013
    Pat Hackley
    Becky Haynes 2007
    Louise Howey
    Pam Haas Lam
    Judy Bucklin Lane 1991
    Kate Laucomer 2013
    Hazel Myers
    Vicky Skuodas 2010
    Connie Strope 2006
    Donna Svoboda
    Virginia Welty
    Bright Star
    Jean Ang 2004
    Jean Barney 2005
    Jo Baxter 2007
    Diane Deahl 2004
    Carroll Dischner 2005
    Sheila Green 2003
    Ginny Harvey 2014
    Martha Lane 2009
    Hope Partridge 2007
    Kari Ronning 2007
    Sonja Schneider 2007
    Kim Shelly 2009
    Karalene Smith 2007
    Elizabeth Sterns 2011
    Sherry Taylor 2016
    Lois Wilson 2007
    Shining Star
    Anita Ahrens 2007
    Sandy Anderson 2009
    Carol Curtis 2008
    Millie Fauquet 2007
    Linda Gapp 2011
    Carolyn Garner 2014
    Lin Gowin-O’Brien 2009
    Sheila Green 2007 & 2014
    Sandy Gruntorad 2008
    Kathi Kinnaman 2009
    Kate Laucomer 2011
    Laura Lenzen 2016
    Lou Lessman 2007
    Linda Loker 2011
    Carolyn Meter 2007
    Kathy Morgan 2016
    Roxann O’Hare 2009
    Marilyn Rembolt 2011
    Pam Rowland 2014
    Meylonie Schatz 2014
    Gloria Smith 2008
    Elizabeth Sterns 2009 & 2013
    Mary Swinton 2014
    Lynne Weinhold 2014
    Mary Werner 2009
  • Scholarship

    The Lincoln Quilters Guild awards a $1000 scholarship annually to either a graduate student engaged in studies in the area of textile history or textile conservation at the University of Nebraska, or an individual engaged in the study of quilting outside the academic community.

    Click here for complete information about the scholarship, application requirements and the application form to be completed and submitted.

  • By-Laws